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Friday, 11 November 2016


Yesterday year 6 had a fabulous day in London. We saw all the famous London sights including Buckingham Palace, Marble Arch, Elizabeth Tower, River Thames and, of course, the Houses of Parliament.

Our tour around the Houses of Parliament was fabulous. We got to go into the chambers of both houses, see where the prime minister stands to debate and the robing room where the Queen gets ready to open Parliament every year!

A great day was had by all 🙂

Challenge – What famous item does the Elizabeth Tower contain?

The Big Read

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

We have a fabulous bench created by our very gifted artists on display as part of ‘The Big Read’. Over summer see if you can go and visit it. Don’t forget to take a book! It’s in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

image image[1] image[3] image[4] image[5]

St Chad’s Flower Festival Article by Mr Hands

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Mr Harold Hands, our Deputy Chair of Governors, produced the article below about St Chad’s Flower Festival as a press release for inclusion in Catholic Today:

New School Association’s First Meeting

Friday, 3 October 2014

Those attending the first interest meeting for Our Lady’s School Association.On Friday 3rd October, an interest meeting was held at school to see what interest there would be from parents to the idea of starting a new School Association. Together with representatives from the school’s governing body and teachers, eight interested parents attended and confirmed their interest in this new initiative to further broaden and strengthen the link between the school and parents.

The first meeting of Our Lady’s School Association was chaired by Mr Harold Hands, Vice Chair of Governors; who set out the purpose and suggested aims of the new Association; to be:

  • To support the School in its work with pupils.
  • To represent the views of parents.
  • To promote contact between the School, Parents, Pupils and the Parish.
  • To support Teachers.

Details of the make-up of the new Association were discussed together with a suggested constitution; which was distributed to all present for further consideration. Minutes of the meeting were kindly taken by Mrs Cath Henny and will be available together with the draft constitution to anyone who wants copies, through the school office.

It was discussed how the Association could help with the forthcoming Christmas Fair on Friday 5th December and in time take on the overall responsibility for the organisation of this and other social and fund raising events which it may wish to run.

Officers for the new Association; Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be required, but as no one was willing to commit at this time; for the present it was agreed that Mr Hands will chair the Association’s meetings whilst it has time to establish itself. Candidates to take on any of these posts will be gratefully received, as will all offers to serve as elected members.

The proposals were greeted with general agreement and it was also the strong feeling of those present that the Association could provide a valuable way for Parents to be able to socialise together, which in-turn would also benefit the School and its pupils.

The date of the next meeting was fixed for Friday 9th January 2015, and in the mean time if anyone wishes to find out more about the amount of involvement and commitment required to be actively involved please feel free to discuss the matter with Mr Hands, Mr Charlton or Mrs Johnson.

Pictured left to right – Rear: Mr Harold Hands acting Chair, Mrs Barratt, Ms Adams, Ms Henderson, Mrs Purugganan and Mr Purugganan, together Mr Steve Charlton, Parent Governor. Front: Ms Barr, Mrs Charlton, Mrs Wong, Mrs Lyz Duffy, Teacher representative and Mrs Mary Johnson, Honorary President of the Association.

New Safety Advisory Group Launched

Friday, 26 September 2014

SAG First MeetingThe Governors of Our Lady’s School are very mindful of the continuing need to be aware and proactive in the area of Health and Safety, in order to ensure the safety and welfare of the whole school community.

Regulations for Health and Safety are being continuously refined to promote and develop effective policies and methods of management and with this in mind the school has recently set up a new Safety Advisory Group (SAG) and the first meeting of this important body took place on Friday 26th September 2014.

The Group will be co-ordinated by the Vice-Chair of Governors, Mr Harold Hands, and will include the Acting Headteacher, Mrs Mary Johnson; the School Business Manager, Cath Henny; the Site Manager Mr Noel O’Hara; Mr Saul Ratcliffe, Teacher Year 1; Mrs Lyz Duffy, Teaching Assistant, parent representatives Mr Baptiste and Mr Mateta and most important of all – three members of the School Council who will provide a voice for the children of the school and give ideas on safety to the group and will also report to the full Governing Body.

One of the Councillors’ first tasks is to draft a statement that expresses the safety/ethos of Our Lady’s Catholic School.

The first meeting of the group was chaired by Safety Officer Mr Rob Whiskins from Birmingham City Council. Rob has 15 years of experience as a Safety Officer and said how delighted he was to be invited to help, advise and support the school in ensuring that the polices and plans for Health and Safety we have in place are the best they can be. He went on to say that Our lady’s is a lovely school and stands out from others with a special feel to it. It is a safe school but Health and Safety Policy needs to be constantly under review to ensure it is suitable for the whole School Community.

Sponsored Guide Dog

Friday, 2 April 2010

Kassia - our sponsored guide dog

In Spring 2010 the children began sponsoring a guide dog, supported through children’s fundraising.

Her name is Kassia, and we are sponsoring her through The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

She has recently begun training with her puppy walker, Lisa. Kassia is Lisa’s first puppy that she has puppy walked so training is new for both of them. They are having a great time learning together!

“When Kassia isn’t learning the basics of being a guide dog, she loves to play with her toys, especially tuggy toys. I have a great time playing with her too” said Lisa.

Training is a major part of Kassia’s progression to becoming a guide dog, and she is coming on in leaps and bounds.