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‘The Great Paper Caper’ work

Friday, 25 September 2015

Have a look at our ‘Wonderful Writers’! Well done Children.

Reception described the bear.


Year 1 wrote an apology letter.





Year 2 wrote a police report.




Year 3 wrote a discussion piece.



Year 4 wrote a letter to the other animals explaining his actions.


Year 5 wrote a newspaper article to persuade the public that he is innocent.


Year 6 wrote a speech for the Bear’s defence.



We hope you enjoy reading our work!

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Friday, 18 September 2015

The Great Paper Caper

This week the school was visited by a naughty bear. Mr Bear had used all of the school paper to practise making paper aeroplanes for a competition. The school was left with bits of paper everywhere, trees, logs and little animals who wanted to see what was going on. The bear left a letter for every class and Miss Cahill. The bear asked Miss Cahill for some help. He had made a mistake. He didn’t realise all the other animals were so upset that he had used all of the paper and they called the police!

Every class was given a special writing task from the bear from letters to reports and defence speeches!

Our Lady’s children have been a great help to the bear…watch this space for examples of our work!!