Special Event - Year 5's Bread Project

15 to 26 March 2010

On Monday 15th March, Year 5 began their Bread Project. They enjoyed two weeks of exciting cross-curricular activities which included investigations on yeast, designing and making bread, designing and making bread bags for the bread, advertising the new brand of bread and having a Passover meal.

We'd like to thank our student Miss Laura White from Newman College, who worked hard to ensure each part of the project enriched the curriculum and was a successful learning experience for each pupil in the class.

Experimenting with yeast helped us to understand leavened and unleavened bread.
Making 'Bread in a Bag' was so successful and the classroom smelt like a real bakery.

These bread rolls rose beautifully and had added ingredients like cheese, herbs or spices.
We discovered that bread bags contained so much useful information.

Selling a new brand of bread needed good skills of persuasion.
Participating in a Passover meal was a great spiritual introduction to Holy Week.