Special Event - Staff v Pupils Dodgeball Match

22 October 2010

On Friday 22nd October our Year 6’s took on the staff in a ‘friendly, non competitive’ game of dodgeball. Year 6 tried hard but the adults were determined to win and they did – all three games!

The staff line up which included our very own White Goodman aka Mrs Mann.
The tussle to reach the balls first! Mrs Boardman frequently showed off her sporting prowess.

Year 6 posed and ready for action!
Miss Keating, our coach supreme, ready to take aim.

Mr Ward and Mr Howell taking time (in the background) to talk tactics. Mrs Lavery and Mrs Boardman didn’t waste any time.
One remained and put up a gallant fight.

The rest of the school came out to cheer their favourites on.
Victory pose, with some Year 6’s not looking very happy.