Special Event - Face Painting

23 March 2007

Amount Raised = £133.93

As part of our Lenten fundraising in the Spring of 2007 we did some Face Painting, which took place on friday 23rd March involving children in FS, KS1 and Year 3. It was so popular last year that it was repeated.

The children who brought in £1.50 had the chance to have their face painted in whichever design they fancied.

Here you can see some of the wonderful designs that the children proudly sported:

Our Reception student, Miss Fern got involved.
She is working on a (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
Boys from Year 2, all looking like Ninja Turtles!

Here's Mrs Mann putting the finishing touches to a tiger. Mrs Mann has had her face painted too!
And here's the finished tiger - grrrrr!

Here's a patriotic look from one of our Year 1 pupils.
And here's a cute puppy.

Here we have a beautiful butterfly.
Here's two more Year 2 pupils - one of whom looks very scary!