Special Event - Sheldon Fire Service Workshop

9 November 2009

On Monday 9th November 2009, Sheldon Fire Service came to work with Year 5.

Their visit started with a very moving DVD on arson and then the class participated in three different activities.

At the end of their visit the children were all given an activity booklet and a special certificate. Now Year 5 are very safety conscious and they all know what to do in the event of a real fire.

We didn't realise how much protection a firefighter needs before going into a burning building.
This firefighter sounded just like Darth Vader when he crept between us!

The DVD on arson was quite upsetting but there was a lot to learn.
Having a smoke alarm and planning an escape route can really save lives.

Giving the right information when we make a 999 call to report a fire is very important.
Spotting fire hazards can help us to be more careful around the home.