Pupil Premium


Pupil Premium is a funding stream allocated by the government. This funding is given to schools based upon the number of pupils, in school, who are eligible to claim Free School Meals (FSM), are Looked After or who are children of Service Personnel.

Each January the Government undertake a census of schools to determine the number of pupils who are eligible for Pupil Premium. Based on this information schools receive the grant in April for the next financial year.

This funding is allocated to initiatives in school which are aimed at maximizing a child's potential, both academically and socially.

The grant will be spent in the following ways:

  • Support Teaching and Learning - Enabling staff to take part in development opportunities and attend effective training. Also, providing consultancy support to advise on strategies and ensure effective feedback for all pupils.
  • Transition - Improving successful transition for Pupil Premium pupils from primary to secondary school.
  • Mentoring and Well-Being Support - Providing a daily breakfast club offering pupils a light breakfast to ensure a healthy start to the day and improve concentration. School rewards are presented to encourage 100% attendance. Delivering the PATHS programme to all pupils and offering pupil mentoring, where appropriate.
  • Support for Learning: Technology - Increasing the number of iPads available for pupils to increase motivation and engagement.
  • Targeted Support Groups (Literacy and Numeracy) - Providing intensive one to one/small group tutoring in Numeracy and Literacy over a set period of time to enable pupils to catch up with their peers. Introducing an additional tutor for more able pupils to enhance progress. Also, supporting the overall development of literacy and numeracy skills throughout our whole school.
  • Y6 SATs Preparation Support - Additional funding for support will enable us to provide booster sessions and 1:1 support, where required.
  • Achievement For All - Support for introducing approaches to raise whole school standards for all pupils and build parental relationships.
  • Participation in Enrichment Activities - Ensuring that pupils entitled to free school meals are supported to participate in educational trips and visits, extracurricular activities and other opportunities to boost learning, including support for enrichment and topic days impacting positively on pupil experiences, aspirations and motivation.
  • Pupil Tracking - All members of staff are supported in overseeing the progress of pupil premium pupils, providing additional intervention, where necessary to make sure they reach their full potential. The impact of these actions is then evaluated. Evaluations will focus on improvements in achievement and how self-confidence has developed, as a consequence of the intervention.

Our Core Aims

  • To raise the attainment and progress of pupils eligible for pupil premium funding so that their performance compares favourably with Non-Pupil Premium peers.
  • Address inequalities in education of pupils eligible for pupil premium to raise attainment of these pupils.