Pupil Leaders

School Council

School Council Our school council is made up of two representatives from Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

We meet every Friday to discuss issues that affect us in school and share ideas about things we want to change or improve in our school.

We are involved in making decisions in school. We ensure that all children are heard as it is our school and want to make it the very best school it can be. The school council are also members of the Safety and Advisory group that is made up of teachers, governors, pupils and members of the local authority.

We feedback in assemblies and give regular reports to Mrs Johnson. We are also involved in fundraising in school especially during Lent.

The School Council are invaluable in helping the school to listen to and understand pupil's views. You can meet the members of our School Council in the selfies taken below:

School Council Meeting Minutes

Altar Servers

Altar Servers.

Altar Servers carry out a vital role at our weekly Friday morning mass. They serve with deep reverence and prayerfulness in accordance with their training.

Altar Servers from Key Stage 2 are always ready and willing to carry out their duties joyfully.

We are extremely proud of them all.

Learning Detectives

Learning Detectives are pupil representation from various classes. They hold frequent meetings with the Head teacher. They have conducted pupil surveys in the past and have conducted presentations at whole school assemblies.

Topics have included:

  • The nature and conditions for learning.
  • Homework: The Learning Detectives form part of a Homework Policy Group, involving parents.
  • Ongoing work: Pupils knowledge of their targets and tables.
  • Healthy diets and sugar.

Learning Detectives liaise with the School Council and the Safety Advisory Group. They also present their findings at Full Governing Body Meetings.

Learning Detectives Meeting Minutes

Play Leaders

Play Leaders.

Some pupils from Year 4 and 5 have received Play Leader Training. The aim of the training is to develop leadership skills and communication to deliver games sessions to fellow pupils. Through this training, the children develop vital cognitive skills, such as decision making and analysis, as well as social skills, such as teamwork and communication (as per Our Lady's PE and School Sport Vision Statement).

The Play Leaders have been delivering games sessions to other pupils in the playground at lunchtimes and are making a big difference to younger children by helping them develop ball skills and teamwork. Well done and thank you!

Year 6 Monitors

Year 6 Monitors in Parliament, learning how to be great leaders.

When pupils begin Year 6 they receive the wonderful privilege of serving their friends, family, school and parish through taking on extra responsibilities.

Every Year 6 child is given the opportunity to apply for and be given responsibilities ranging from Tuck Shop Management or Key Stage 1 Play Monitor to Recycling Managers or Reading Mentors.

Our Year 6 pupils always adopt their responsibilities sensibly and contribute effectively through helping others.