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Live Teams meetings 

  Maths Literacy Curriculum
Monday 9am Miss Cahill 11am Miss Cahill 1.30pm Miss Cahill RE
Tuesday 9am Miss Cahill 11am Miss Cahill 1.30pm Miss Cahill Topic
Wednesday Online Learning Online Learning Online Learning
Thursday  9am Mrs Ruffinato 11am Mrs Ruffinato 1.30pm Mrs Ruffinato Science
Friday 9am Mrs Ruffinato 11am Mrs Ruffinato

1.30pm Mrs Ruffinato Topic +

Mardi Gras Celebration


Attendance at each live lesson is recorded and monitored as well as submission of work following each lesson. 


Mardi Gras Tasks

1. Choose a destination and find out about their celebration.

2. Complete one of the following tasks (or one of your own) to share with your class on Friday 12th February!

  1. Use a shoe box or craft to create a float, headdress or beaded necklace for Our Lady’s School Mardi Gras, or use your artistic skills to draw or design a costume, jewellery beads or float
  2. Write a poem about the celebration of Mardi Gras using inspiration from one of the countries listed below.
  3. Make a healthy meal to show how you can help train your body during Lent, or find out how to make King Cakes to celebrate on Friday 12th Feb
  4. Create a dance routine to celebrate Mardi Gras and keep fit during Lent
  5. Design a world class Mardi Gras athlete training program for one day to show the importance of keeping our bodies healthy
  6. Design a poster to show lots of activities you can do to train your mind to be calm and positive during Lent
  7. Take a photograph of a calming or well-being activity you have completed to help others see how they can train their minds
  8. Build a small altar in your home with prayers, rosary beads, a cross and more to show how you will train your heart during lent
  9. Help to train your heart by writing a song to help others pray and follow Jesus
  10. Create a musical instrument to play during and after Mardi Gras to help lift our hearts to Jesus.



Some Mardi Gras celebrations around the world

  • Goa, India. Thank the Portuguese for bringing a holiday based on Catholic tradition to this coastal Indian resort town. ...
  • Venice, Italy.
  • Binche, Belgium. ...
  • Mobile, Alabama ...
  • Quebec City, Canada. ...
  • Nice, France. ...
  • New Orleans. ...
Mardi Gras celebration following Topic session. Bring your Mardi Gras work to share with us as well as a little treat eg cake, biscuit or even a pancake! Don't forget wear green, purple or yellow (gold) to really embrace the Mardi Gras experience.