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Homework will be set via Reading eggs and via the MS Team for Year 6


The work below is for any children self-isolating and therefore unable to physically attend school. Work to be submitted via email, Teams or BGFL.

Task - To write a diary entry as Anne Frank of a day in the annexe. 

RE - session 2


Parable of the Sheep and the Goats Matthew 25: 31-46


Where is Christ in this Parable?

Where is Christ in our daily lives?

Is Christ ever absent from any situations? 



1.Explain the Parable – You can write or draw (your choice) but your work should show and explain this parable.
2.Where do we see Christ in our daily lives? Explain fully with examples of the different places we see Christ.
3.Christ is absent from certain situations. Do you agree / disagree? Explain fully putting forward your side of the argument.