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January 3rd



Non Chronological Reports 



Introduce Non-Chronological reports. Please see Non chron report below with features. 


To gather information for a non chronological report

Watch the video to get ideas on how to gather information.


Gather information on the Titanic to use in our Non chron reports the following week



Spag - simple, compound and complex sentences.


   Lesson 1

  LO: To revise the story of Jesus’ Baptism.



    To know the story of the Baptism of Jesus

   Understand that Jesus is the beloved son.

    Identify similarities and differences between the gospels.

   Know in detail the rite of baptism

   Understand the meaning of the baptismal symbols, signs and actions.

   To be able to discuss the rite of baptism.


  Lesson 1

  Read story compare the story across all the gospels – create a gospel grid.

  How are they similar and different?


  Talk about John the Baptist…why was he unsure of baptising Jesus? What does this tell us about Jesus?


   Lesson 2

  Art work re Jesus Baptism – look at portrayal of Jesus and John the Baptist – children to create own picture of Jesus baptism.