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Monday - Grammar Book pg 26-29 Verb Tenses


Tuesday - Grammar book Progress test 1


Spelling – al / ee words from the sheet I have uploaded. 

Learn how to spell each using write/copy / cover

Write two sentences for each word to show you can use it correctly. If you're not sure what the word means look it up using a dictionary. 


Also ask your contact teacher for your username and password. You will need it over the next few days for literacy work. 


Reading Fiction 1 – A visit to Baba Yaga pg 32-41

Log into - I have set you 50 questions on there and these should be completed over the next two days. 


Reading Poetry 1 - A night with a wolf pg20-25 

Continue with work set yesterday 


Writing - write a report / account / diary entry about one of your days working from home this week.

Title - A day in the first week of school closure 

Send a picture/copy of your writing to your contact teacher - we are looking forward to reading them!