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Literacy & Reading

Literacy for this week


Monday - You are using one of my favourite books today 'Tuesday'

Watch the link in the pack.

Revise modal verbs - Remember these show how likely something is to happen

Finally, write down some questions you would ask if you were a detective finding out about what had happenend.


You may wish to watch the video again
Fill in the speech bubbles for the frogs - what could they be saying?
Revise direct speech and how to punctuate - remmeber punctuation inside the inverted commas.

Finally, write down the frogs speech into properly puncutated sentences.


Wednesday - Reading & Writing today as there is a lot
Revise the features found in newspaper articles

Read the three newspaper articles

Choose one of the three articles then make notes on the features found within it
Choose the right questions for the article you have read and then answer these

Finally, look at 'Next Tuesday' and use the newspaper planner below to plan out your article.



Certainty cards - this maybe difficult, so look at them and spot the adverbs of certainty (similar to modal verbs)

Read the information about the adverbs of certainty and highlight the verb and adverb

Finally, using the adverb list write 6-10 sentences 



Choose two of the four articles on fish to read. You must read 1 or 3 and 2 or 4

Read the features of a report again, then find and higlight the features of a report.

Look at the part called 'Reading Questions', this will help you think about the work you're going to do.

Finally, read headline stories, choose between 3 - 6 of the stories and make up pairs of headlines for these, one serious and one informal

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