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Literacy & Reading

Literacy for this week



Read the poem, ‘I am a writer’. Read it in your head first and then try reading it out loud.

Read the Reflection Prompts and think about your answers for each.
Write a reflection on the poem, by writing some of your answers as sentences.

Watch the poet Joseph Coelho talk about how to perform a poem - This is really brilliant – you may want to watch it more than once!
Make notes about Joseph Coelho’s tips

Practise a performance of ‘I am a writer’



Read the poem 'Golden Time'

Use the Reflection Prompts to help you think about the poem, read the questions and think about your answers to each one.

Use the Revision Card to remind you about Noun Phrases & the youtube clip below.
Read the poem, ‘Red Ruby Rings’.
Complete Expanded Noun Phrases, spotting and writing how nouns in the poem have been expanded.



Make up some noun-phrases about a favourite place.

Watch this video of Joseph Coelho explaining about playing with words.

Follow the stages on Developing a Poem.
When you have a poem, write it out carefully. - I'd love to read these poems, please do send them across.

**You could video yourself performing your poem following the advice from Joseph Coelho, and send this to me via e-mail or BGFL**



Read the Newspaper Article: Pupils Protest Over New Uniform Rules.

Revise using commas to separate clauses or phrases.

Complete For and Against School Uniform 1 and 2, practising using commas to separate phrase or clauses.

Read the Writing Brief and try writing two paragraphs: one to argue for school uniform and one to argue against it.



Read about the three different school uniforms.

Revise Commas in Lists.

Complete Commas in Lists, practising separating items using commas.

Imagine and write about a school uniform that you have designed.



The Expanded Noun Phrase Song - Helpful for Tuesday