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For this week's RE, I would like you to: 


1. Discuss with grownups the good and bad times that are experienced with friendship, family and schools. 

Create a list of ideas and compare the impact these have upon us and others.

Check the meanings of the words: 

Why do people need forgiveness and what does it do for us and others?


That is the end of our Lenten topic


Our new topic is Holy Week


2. I would like you to look at and share the story of Palm Sunday.

After this, can you answer the following questions:


- Were all the people praising and shouting for Jesus when he entered Jerusalem?
- What did Jesus say to the Pharisees when they asked him to tell his disciples to be quiet?
- What do you think all the followers of Jesus thought about him as they praised him?
- What titles did they give to Jesus?