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LO:  To know the story of the Risen Christ to Thomas.

LO 2 : To give some reason as to why he didn’t believe straight away.


Read John 20: 24-29 

You will recognise this as one of the passages we studied when preparing for Confirmation but now focus on Thomas and his words and actions. 


Activity 1 – Speech and thought bubbles for Thomas when he first hears the news. What words would he have said? What would he have been thinking as he said those words. There is a template sheet attached for you to use as an example. If you can't access publisher to see the sheet think about what Thomas could have thought and said before seeing the risen Christ, while the risen Christ was in front of him and after he had seen Christ. There should be 3 thought bubbles and 3 speech bubbles. Consider how what we say can or might be different to what we are thinking. 


Activity 2 – Thomas was wrong to doubt Jesus had risen from the dead.

Give the reasons for and against this statement. You can present it as you wish – in a table, as a written argument, spider diagram, bullet points etc.


Activity 3 – Write a letter to Thomas, as one of the disciples, persuading him to believe that Jesus is alive.

Consider the reply that Thomas may have sent to a friend’s letter - you may wish to write this reply too. 


Personal reflection – what would you have said to Thomas?

What do you think Jesus thought of Thomas’ reaction? 


Bit of fun - If Jesus was to come back today how would we let our friends know? Snapchat / instagram / twitter? 

Activity 4 - Create a modern day announced to send out on social media that Jesus has risen from the dead to bring us salvation.