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We are starting Holy Week this week.

Now I know that has been and gone, but due to use not being in school, it is hard to stick to the pace we would go at during in school.


Lesson 1

Below is a link to Palm Sunday text. Read it and then answer the questions below:


Were all the people praising and shouting for Jesus when he entered Jerusalem?
What did Jesus say to the Pharisees when they asked him to tell his disciples to be quiet?
What do you think all the followers of Jesus thought about him as they praised him?
What titles did they give to Jesus?

Lesson 2


You are going to look at the story of Jesus driving traders from the temple (link below)

This session best links to the literacy you have done this week - so please ensure that you have completed the literacy this week before attempting part 3 of this session.


Once you have read this can you:

1. Find out why the temple was an important building for Jewish people.

2. List some times where Jesus was in the temple.

3. A news report of Jesus driving traders from the temple, using direct quotes.


Please send me pictures or share on bgfl your completed news reports by Friday 24th April