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Recap on the 7 gifts and 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit.


Find 3 newspaper articles that show 2 gifts and 1 fruit of the Holy Spirit in action.

Explain how each article shows these in action. These can be online if you don't have a newspaper at home.


These do not have to be religious articles just examples of people showing courage, wisdom, knowledge, patience etc.

SIFA Big Brummie camp out 


Next week they are holding the 'Big Brummie Campout' to raise funds.

A message from SIFA Fireside (Homeless charity)
On Friday the 8th May we are asking friends and families to set up camp in their back gardens, build make-shift dens on balcony's or cushion castles in their front rooms to raise money for SIFA Fireside.


Make your camp and tweet/email a picture  - we can't wait to see them!