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Lesson 1


Find the garden of Gethsemane on a map, or google maps. (below the Mount of Olives),

Jesus went there to pray and his disciples slept there the night before his crucifixion.


What was he asking his father to do?

What was Jesus agreeing to?

Using images, can you create a scene in your book or on J2E5, of the Garden of Gethsemane, using speech bubbles to capture the feelings of Jesus and the prayer used at this event.


This is very similar to the Lord’s prayer.

Lesson 2


On Good Friday, Jesus was crucified on the cross.
Jesus freely accepted death on the cross, he took the sin of the world upon himself and died for all of us.

He did this as God had asked him to.

Do you think Jesus was scared about this?
How would he have felt as he waited?

Can you write a brief explanation about why he gave up his life and what bible passages there are to support this - use the links below to support your work.