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Lesson 1

The name given to the mass celebrated on Easter Saturday is called the Easter Vigil.
This year, it didn't happen due to coronavirus.
This is a very special mass with a number of different parts.

Using the link below, I would like you to read the information about the four parts to the mass, then I would like you to display the four parts however you wish.
Ideas may include, Poster, Banners, Drawings, or any way you see suitable.

Lesson 2


There are a number of stories in the bible of the resurrection of Jesus.

Using the links below, read the stories of the resurrection, once you have read them, answer these questions:
- Why they think there is a difference in the recounts?

- Why do you think there are differences in the accounts of the Resurrection?

- Why did some people doubt the fact that Jesus was alive?

- In what ways do you think the resurrection of Jesus changed the lives of the disciples?


Identify similarities and differences in the various accounts and then record these in a chart or a fact file.