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On Sunday 31st May 2020, it was Pentecost Day.

This week, your work will revolve around this theme.



Lesson 1:


Read the passage from John's Gospel - link below.

Then answer these questions:
     > What are the names that Jesus gives to the Holy Spirit?
     > What does the word ‘advocate’ mean?
     > What does the word ‘true’ mean?

     > What do these words tell us about the gift of the Holy Spirit?

Read the passage from Acts 1 - link below

     > What image of the Holy Spirit do we find in these words of Jesus?


Using the titles found, can you write a prayer to the Holy Spirit

Lesson 2


The Holy Spirit is a form of power it will enable people to do many things.
What do you think that these titles tell us about Jesus’ idea of the Holy Spirit?

Revisit the words of Jesus in John 14-16 (Lesson 1's work).

Reflect that in this passage of Scripture we hear about the special relationship that Jesus enjoys with God his Father and about the Holy Spirit who the Father will send in the name of Jesus.

The Christian belief in the Holy Trinity is a very complex one to understand. In short it is: One God revealed in three persons. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

There are many different models that have been used to explain the unity in the Godhead for example concentric circles or the Shamrock. 
I would like you to design a model or diagram that could be used to describe the Holy Trinity.


Use the video links to help you understand the trinity in a bit more detail.

3 Minute Theology 1.1: What is the Trinity?

What is the Trinity?