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Last Thursday there was a mass for the children in the diocese held at St Chad's Cathedral. Normally, in year 5, you would all get the chance to go to mass at St Chad's around this time of year.

The children's mass is being held every Thursday at 09:30. It would be a lovely opportunity for you to attend this streamed mass each week to remain as close to God as we can, without being able to take part in the Eucharist at the moment. Click on the link below to enjoy the mass.
I am doing the phonecalls on a different day this week, to give you the opportunity to take part in the mass.

Lesson 1


Who were the 12 Apostles?
Use a range of sources to find the names of the Apostles. (You may find more than 12 names, if you do, why do you think this is)


Find the names of the 4 Gosepl writers. Try to find a little bit of information about who they were and why they wrote the Gospel.


Look at the Acts of the Apostles, what are some of the stories about?


Finally, what would have happened if the Apostles hadn't proclaimed the resurrection of Christ?

Lesson 2


Remember the Apostles were sent out after Pentecost to preach the good news of the resurrection.

Read the story of the preaching of Peter on the first Pentecost Sunday (link below)


From the text, highlight the main elements of the message of Peter. What does this message tell us about Christ?
Why was it so important for him to proclaim this message?

Present this information however you wish, be sure to send me a copy or share it in teams.

Then discuss how this is different to before the resurrection of Jesus?