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Lesson 1

Explore the story of the beggar at the beautiful gate using the link below.
Identify where this gate is on the map of the city of Jerusalem - maybe google maps might be able to help?

Make a table to record the words of the beggar, the words of Peter and John as well as the reactions of the people. Use the text to support answers.

Finally, try and answer: How was Peter able to heal the man? In whose name did he heal him?

Lesson 2


The Apostles and the first followers of Jesus shared their lives together.


Read Acts 2:42-47. What do we learn about the first Christian community from this text?

Record any answers you have to this question.


Why do you think it was important for the Apostles to do these things together?


What does the “breaking of bread” refer to?


How is all of this linked to what we now consider followers of Christ?