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Lesson 1:

Read the text below from Acts.

What were the main reason for this happening?

How can we know what we have previously learnt about the High Priest and the Sanhedrin?

Please write for or against the Apostles being allowed to preach. This will link to the literacy topic of a balanced argument.
What qualities would the Apostles have needed to have to face all of this?

Please send this to me by Thursday 2nd July - We will discuss this during the phone call

Lesson 2


Read the story of Peter escaping from Prison with the help of the angel.
What are Peter’s thoughts and feelings would have been like in prison?
What kept him going during this time?

Write an account of this even as the angel leading Peter to freedom.
Explain the reasons why they were sent to perform this act.

Write a letter in the style of St Paul explaining how people can follow Jesus.
Please also send me this by Thursday 2nd July so we can discuss these during the calls.