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Lesson 1 - LO To know that everyone is called to be a disciple, growing to be more like Christ


Think about some of the special responsibilities that you have been given at home and at school. Record these and explain why responsibility is good and how it is a chance to grow as a person.


• What happens if you don’t do the tasks you have been given?

• What does the word “responsibility” mean?

• Recall prior learning from Year Four about the Church being the Body of Christ with everybody having a part to play. Read the Passage from St. Paul about this (One Body - link below).


• Discuss the passage on MS Teams (If you can) What does it mean? (If not, ask a grownup what they think it means)

• Does it say that only some people have been called to a special task in the life of the Church?


Reflect & answer:

• Do you think that following Christ and taking on a responsibility in the Church is something that is easy?


Find a way to reflect on the way you can show how your belong to the Church and what you can do.

Present this however you wish.

Lesson 2 - LO To understand that being a follower of Christ and belonging to the Church can sometimes be difficult and demands some personal sacrifice.


At various times in life we are called upon to make promises. When? Why?

Recall your work from Year Four on Abraham regarding the promise God made to him about being a great nation. What other word could be used here? – Read from Genesis 17:3-11 (Link below)


Recall story of Noah and identify promise made by God. Genesis 9:1-17 (Link below)

When have you ever made a promise?

Are some promises easier to keep than others?


Can you explain some key promises made in the OT and then compare these to the promises you have had to make/keep - were they difficult?
How do we manage to keep promises and why?