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Good morning Year 3!


Today we will have Live Lessons at the following times.


10.15am - Maths

12.15pm- Literacy

2.30pm - R.E


Each of these live lessons will be around 20-30mins and I will then be available on Teams for a following 30-40 minutes after the lesson to answer any questions on the work. The lessons will be recorded and available to watch again on Teams. 


The worksheets for today are available below.


Today we are going to practice the short method for multiplying two-digit numbers by one-digit numbers. This is going to take lots of practice, just like when we learnt the column method for addition and subtraction. It is really important that you remember to set the calculation out correctly, which means one number per square and making sure your tens are in the tens column and your ones are in the ones column. 


We are going to look at some different adverts for snacks we may have seen. Then we are going to generate our own ideas for our class snack, using all the vocabulary we have learnt so far. 


LO: to know that the Crib is an important symbol of prayer and devotion