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Please watch the video about punishment in the Tudor schooling times.

Afterwards please investigate the timeline of corporal punishment in schools right up until it was banned in state schools in 1987.
You could link this with members of your family or local community who may have experienced corporal punishment whilst at school.

I would like you to write an argument either for or against coporal punishment in schools.



Geocentric vs Heliocentric 


Look through the powerpoint and the attached sheets about what each character says.

In your own words, can you explain:
1. What the Heliocentric Model is?

2. What the Geocentric Model is?

3. Who believed in each model?

4. Draw/create your own model of the Solar System

cartoon heliocentric solar system-SD.mp4

Still image for this video

cartoon geocentric solar system-SD.mp4

Still image for this video