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Wider Curriculum

Mexico (4 hours over the week)


1. Research daily life in Mexico

- Typical day for a child

- School life

- Meals

- Homes

- Jobs

- Transport

You can present this work as you wish. Picture board, information leaflet, writing, powerpoint etc. (Web links are below for you to use)


2. Compare city life and rural life in Mexico. You could create a table, venn diagram or mind maps for your comparison. 


3. Plan an imaginary trip or holiday to Mexico. Look at holiday brochures or research online. How many ways are there to get there? How long would it take? How much would it cost? Make an itinerary for your trip, showing what you would like to see and do while you are there.


An exciting opportunity


Dear Year 6, 


Mr O'Shea has a friend who is a teacher in China and some of their children would like to communicate via email with children here to talk about the events of the last few weeks and months. If you would be interested in communicating with a child from China please use the contact form below and Mr O'Shea will arrange it for you. 


Miss Cahill

Contact Mr O'Shea

If you are interested in communicating with a child from China please message Mr O'Shea here.