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To link to our topic of Henry VIII, I'd like you to take a look at the artist Hans Holbein this week.

He was a famous painter. 
Look at the powerpoint of information.

Use the links to find some of his work.

1. Identify your favourite piece of work he created.

2. Why do you think he was so popular, and why did Thomas More want to tell everyone about him?

3. Re-create your favourite piece of his work.

Once you have created your own version, please send me a copy.

Hans Holbein



This science may be a bit difficult to do at home, as we were going to investigate different materials to see which would complete the job the best.
As long as you know the difference between insulator and conductor, you will be able to complete this work.


Go through the powerpoint, and complete the two attached sheets - completing only one page of each from the choice below

* = mild

** = spicy

*** = hot


Like always, any questions, please e-mail me.