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Year 4

Digging for Roman coins

Year 4 dressed up as Romans to celebrate the end of their 'I am Warrior' topic.Year 4 completing their daily mile after a hard working Monday afternoon.Roman food platters.Year 4 practising their routine as part of their PE dance unit.


Welcome to Year 4.


In our classroom you will find a happy learning environment where all children are actively engaged in a creative and stimulating curriculum built upon the strong foundation our Catholic faith.


In Year 4 children are growing and learning more each day. We strive to develop our learning skills and deepen our understanding of the world around us.


Our Catholic faith is very important to us. After receiving our First Eucharist in Year 3 we continue to receive the Eucharist weekly in Year 4 with reverence and devotion presenting a loving example to our younger friends in the school.


Our altar is the focal point of our classroom which reminds us always of our mission to serve one another. In Year 4 we strive to be ambassadors for Christ and help those in need.


Our creative curriculum means that our Literacy, Numeracy and many other subject skills are stretched through interesting topics like the Monarchy, Romans and World Foods. As well as daily work in Mathematics and Literacy, the children have a wide curriculum to stretch and motivate them. Children enjoy our themed weeks where we investigate Black history, other faiths and maths and science links. Pupils have the chance to study World War I through research and trips to local museums and galleries.


Children have fun taking part in activities like football, dance and tennis in PE and have a class set of notebooks. All of the children in Year 4 have the opportunity to learn a brass instrument.


Our Learning

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