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To round up our two topics this term, please work through the booklets and worksheets below to recap what we have learnt. 


Work your way through the lessons below. You should complete two a day, completing the tasks within. Finish the week by choosing a scientist and writing a biography about them. 


Task: Make a string telephone, send in a picture!


Lesson 1

LO: Understand how the story of Joshua shows that God kept His promise to His people.


God led his people out of Egypt with Moses’ help, and after wandering in the desert they reached the land God promised them.


Read Joshua 1: 1-10

Moses was too old to continue his covenant with God and that Joshua is now Moses’ descendant. At first, Joshua didn’t think he was good enough to take over from Moses but God promised to be with him every step of the way. This is reflected in our own lives as God is with us every day, protecting us and guiding us.


What instructions did God give to Joshua? What did Joshua have to do? Had God been faithful to His promise?


Task: Write a letter from Moses to Joshua. Moses is telling Joshua what he needs to do after being called by God.


Lesson 2

LO: Understand that God called and anointed David for a special task.


Re-cap the story of Joshua as a descendant of Moses – What was Joshua’s job and what qualities did he show? Explain that after the time of Joshua, God called on different people to lead the Israelites. These people were called Kings.


Read 1 Samuel 16

Where did Jesse live? How did Samuel know he had got the right person to be king? What did Samuel do to show that David had been chosen by God to be King of Israel? Why do you think David was chosen over his other brothers? Justify your answer from the text. What does this story tell us about God’s calling and choosing somebody to do something special for him?


Task: Write an acrostic poem of the word ‘anointed’. Use examples from David’s story.



History - Identify how lives changed as a result of Norman rule.