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Talk to the your child about the word community, define the meaning using the dictionary to support – extend definition to support understanding.


Explore different types of community to which they belong (e.g. family, school, city etc.) 


What makes each of these a community? Refer back to the definition to support. 


What roles and responsibilities do people take on in these communities? What would happen if they didn’t fulfil their roles and responsibilities? Discuss in context of school first – monitor jobs in class/Y6 school. Make links to vocation and call to share our gifts and talents to help others/serve - Last Supper and what Jesus said to the disciples as He washed their feet. ‘Serve one another as I have served you.’


What could we do to be better members of our school/class community?


Discuss the special roles and responsibilities of different people in the parish e.g. priest, reader, altar server, musician etc.


Activity: Children are to draw and write about the roles and responsibilities of people in the parish.