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Walk the Mission

Live Simply

An Introduction to being a Live Simply School

This animation is an introduction to what LiveSimply is all about. Find out more at: --- The LiveSimply Schools Award is an opportunity for your school community to respond to the Catholic Church's call to live simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the world's poorest communities.

Live Simply actions so far:

  • Supporting Hodgehill Foodbank Spring 23
  • Big Lent Walk - £361 raised for CAFOD 

Fratelli Tutti - Pope Francis

Fratelli Tutti means “all brothers and sisters” and is taken from the Admonitions of Saint Francis of Assisi. 

Within this Pope Francis calls for peace and human fraternity. Humans working alongside each other and together for a better, more united world. 


What can you do to help your neighbours locally and globally? 

Fratelli Tutti animation | CAFOD