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What season of the Church are we in? What does Advent mean? Look again at the Advent wreath – why is the Advent wreath so important? What do the circle and the evergreen leaves represent? This Sunday is going to be the third Sunday of Advent – who can remember what candle we will light? What will that candle symbolise? It is a symbol of the joy we feel as Jesus’ birthday is approaching.


Children to take part in a guided prayer reflection.


“During Advent, we imagine what the world might have been like before Jesus was born. The angel’s message must have come as a surprise to Mary – imagine being told that God had chosen you to take care of his one and only son! Mary was a little scared but she knew she could trust God’s plan. We can have joy in our hearts too, when we let God use us to help with his plan. There are lots of things that can make us feel happy, but joy is something that lasts longer. How does listening to God and helping others find hope and peace make us feel joyful? What has happened in your life to make you feel full of joy?




1. Share 5 thank you prayers aloud.

2. Draw a picture and write what brings you joy.

3. Sing along with the hymn: ‘I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart