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Look through the Symbols of Baptism PowerPoint. Discuss the different symbols and link to your child's own Baptism. If you still have some of the items and/or photographs, share these with your child.

Topic 1


Look at the Butterfly feeding picture cards and discuss how butterflies use their tongue, called a proboscis, to drink nectar from flowers. Tell the children that you are going to make butterfly feeders to attract butterflies to your garden. 


Use paper plates, hole punches and string. Punch holes in the edge of the plate and thread string through for hanging the plates. Squash fruit on to the plates, and hang the feeders somewhere sunny where you can observe and see if the butterflies come!

Topic 2


Make a small amount of salt dough and use a small rolling pin. Roll out the dough into a small square or circle tile. Display various flowers and leaves and ask your child to choose some to press into the dough. When they are happy with their design, put paper over the top and roll over with the rolling pin to make an imprint. Peel the leaves and flowers off the dough, make a small hole in the top of the tile to thread string into and leave to dry. When the dough is dry, they can be painted.