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Over the next few weeks will be spending the time to go over our formal calculation methods. Please spend the time working through both links below. 



Create an information poster outlining everything we have learnt about Rocks in Year 3. Do some research, what else can you find out?


Watch the link below and create a poster outlining how we eat healthy. Can you create your own food wheel outlining the different food groups and what they include?



Lesson One

LO: To understand that in the celebration of the Sacraments the Church celebrates the presence of the Holy Spirit 

- To recall that Christians are baptised in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and that this is a gift 

- To identify the parts in the Eucharistic Prayer where the Holy Spirit is called

- To understand the term consecration


Lesson Two 

LO: To identify some of the changes that took place in the life of Paul 

- To recall the story of the road to Damascus

- To understand the change in Paul and the realisation of the Holy Spirit

- To know that peace is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit