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School Video


Topic 1


All about Sunflowers.  Watch the following clip.

Explain that sunflowers grow very tall and discuss the following.


  • Why do you think these plants are called sunflowers?
  • How does growing tall help the sunflowers?
  • What do all flowers need to grow?
  • How tall do you think your sunflower will grow?


Optional: Plant a Sunflower!


Display the Scarecrow picture card:

Discuss what they think it is and its use. Explain that when seeds are planted, birds like to eat them as food, so people need to scare birds away without hurting them. Display a selection of used CDs and show how they reflect the light as they move. Ask the children how this might help scare birds away. Explain that as the CD spins and the sunlight reflects off, it discourages birds from landing as they are scared by the light. 



Make a CD mobile to protect their garden and sunflowers. Use acrylic gems, silver foil, beads, glass pebbles, sequins (or any sparkly materials) and glue to add extra sparkle and decoration to their CD. Thread the finished CD (or CDs) onto string and use them to create a mobile to hang in the garden.

Topic 2


Show the various pictures of gardens (Garden Artwork). The Royal Academy website also has a selection of garden paintings to explore. Ask what they can see in the pictures and which ones they like best.  


Paint or draw a dream flower garden using the paintings as inspiration.