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Monday: Spelling lesson

We will be looking at unstressed vowel sounds in words. Remember the vowels are A E I O U and when they are unstressed in a word it means they are not clearly pronounced. For example: ‘library’ the a is not usually pronounced so it usually sounds like ‘libry.’

Task: Look at the word cards, decide which vowel in each word is unstressed and sort them into the A, E, I, O or U section of the table below.


Task 2 spelling: Replace the underlined words in the passage with the unstressed vowel words at the bottom. The sentences must still have the same meaning so be careful which words you choose. Then check your answers on the last page.


A homophone is a word that sounds the same as another word but has a different meaning and is spelt differently. For example: They’re and their.

Task 1: Complete the activity below, you need to use a dictionary (online dictionary is fine) to find the meanings of the different homophones.

Task 2: Select the correct homophone for the sentence. Then check your answers at the end.


Task 1: Complete the sentences, selecting the correct homophones.

Task 2: Can you think of your own pairs of homophones and put them into sentences?


Task 1: Complete the sentences using the correct homophones (Where, were we’re wear).

Task 2: Decide between You and You’re and complete the sentences.