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March 28th

Booster continues this week



Formulae ad equations - Monday

Tuesday - Linear number sequences

Wednesday Arithmetic

Thursday - Units of measure

Friday - Perimeter and area



Monday - Conjunctions and prepositions 

Tuesday - Brackets and dashes

Wednesday - Spelling

Thursday -Word endings

Friday -




Monday- Chioke's chance

Tuesday - Chioke's chance

Thursday - The angel of the north

Friday - The duelling duo


LO: To understand God’s love and forgiveness in our own lives


Discuss Forgiveness - provides opportunity to develop and become more like Christ.

Read story of Abraham asking God to be merciful.

Dramatise story (pictures)

Children imagine they are Abraham, asking God what he might do if there were just so many just men. What might your fears be in asking God these questions? What might you feel each time God replies?

What does this story teach about mercy and forgiveness of God?


What might other people think about God’s love and forgiveness – why might their view be different to yours? Can you understand their view?

Discuss someone in hardship or experience extreme loss or devastation – what would they think about God’s love?



To know the practise of examination of conscience and its significance to our lives.


Reflect with the children on the importance of asking for forgiveness.

Revise examination of conscience.

Brainstorm what the children would include in an examination of conscience.

Write a class version that can be used in collective worship.

Create forgiveness prayer – use psalm 50 for thoughts and ideas.