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Mgr Timothy Menezes will be leading a children's mass from St Chad's Cathedral every Thursday at 9.30am until the end of term.  The mass will be streamed from the St. Chad's Cathedral website link,  Please take the time to join with us, it will be a lovely opportunity for us to pray together as a school community.

RE Lesson

We are going to start learning about a special book in R.E. What do you think that book could be?

We are looking at a special section in the Bible. It is called the New Testament.

Explain to the children that the New Testament contains the stories of Jesus’ life. It helps us to understand Jesus’ life and understand what a special person he was

Share the story of the call of the disciples.

Ask as as you read the story:

What did Jesus mean when he said he would make them fishers of men?

Would you leave everything behind for Jesus?

Would it be an easy thing to do?

What sort of men had Jesus chosen for his first disciples?

Can anyone remember their names?



Ask the children to draw a picture of the story – call of the disciples, saying what the story makes them think and how it makes them feel.