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This week we will be focusing on some Year 4 objectives for spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Monday- Spellings: (-sure and -ture) Practise spelling each word three times from the spelling word list. Then, unscramble the spellings to the correct definitions. If you don't know the meanings, look the words up in a dictionary. Challenge: Can you use some of these words in your own sentence?

Tuesday: Describing a character: Choose a character from one of your favourite books, or design your own and draw them. Use the adjectives on the sheet below to write sentences to describe them. Remember to describe your character's appearance and personality. Can you also use some interesting verbs and adverbs to describe the way your character behaves/acts?

Wednesday- Pronouns: Fill in the missing words choosing from the list of pronouns. Then use some of these pronouns in your own sentences

Thursday- Using apostrophes for possession: Read the rules on using apostrophes correctly, then complete the two tasks.

Friday- Inverted commas (speech marks)- Read the rules for using inverted commas correctly, then spot and circle the mistakes and write the sentences out correctly.