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This week we are learning that the word prayer is the special word that describes the way we talk to God. Discuss with your child prayers that have learned or begun to learn over the year – focus on thank you, sorry and please as key words for prayer. Ask: can they tell when people are praying? What have they noticed people do and why? Recall actions, words and songs. Recall that during the year they have made up prayers alone or with the class. Do they remember them? Were they written down?  



Write a short prayer with three key ideas: say thank you for something that has happened, say sorry for something we have done and ask for something using please. 


This week we are thinking about the 'invisible' ties we have with those we love.  Share the story 'The Invisible String'  by Patrice Karst.

After sharing the story, discuss all of the people we are 'tied' to although we may not always be able to see them.  Complete the activity sheet by drawing yourself in the centre and those who you are 'tied' to in the hearts (write their names too!). 

Activity 1:

Activity 2:


Make cup and string 'telephones' to demonstrate a physical example of the concept discussed.