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10th January





 LO: To describe the basic needs of humans and other animals.

 Identify the basic needs of different animals and complete the activity.  

  Basic Needs Activity Sheet


Lesson 1

Learning Objective: Know the story of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and their journey into Egypt.


Share the story of the flight into Egypt of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  Why did they have to travel to Egypt?

Activity 1

What do you wonder about the dream Joseph had?

What does the story tell us about Joseph’s special care of Jesus and Mary? Record your ideas. 


Activity 2: Sequence the story of Christmas from the Annunciation to the flight into Egypt.  Think carefully about what we have learnt and the PowerPoint below will also help.  



Lesson 2

Learning Objective: To know some of the words and actions of Jesus in his miracles.


Read some of the miracles Jesus performed.

What was extraordinary about them and why? 

Activity: Make a table to record the findings about the miracle you have chosen. 






What Jesus was doing?


What was he asked to do?


Jesus’ actions


The Outcome


How did people react?




Learning Objective: To understand how Grace Darling used courage and determination to do something extraordinary.


In our lesson we will find out about the life of Grace Darling, who was a very famous lady from the past who did something extraordinary. 

Activity : Draw a picture of Grace Darling and record adjectives around the picture to describe Grace and her achievements.