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Reading Task 1: Look at the illustration and read the first page of 'Black Dog' by Levi Pinfold. Then answer the questions below.


1. What colour is the dog?

2. Who saw the dog first?

3. What did Mr Hope do?



1. Find and copy a phrase that suggests the dog is very big.

2. Find and copy a word closest to the word 'bellowed.'



1. How do you know Mr Hope was surprised to see the dog?

2. How do you know the police did not believe Mr Hope?





Reading Task 2: Reading comprehension- Look at the stars at the bottom of the page, 1 star will have easier questions and then they increase with difficulty. I recommend you start with 2 stars to start with and then move up or down depending on how difficult you find the questions.

Reading Task 3- non fiction text comprehension questions