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This week we are working up to writing an advert to persuade people to stop littering. Follow the lessons on the powerpoint below and use the posters and worksheet to help you complete the lessons.

Lesson 1:

Can you write these sentences and add the missing capital letters? Remember a capital letter should go at the start of a sentence or be used for a name of a person, place or thing. Days of the week and months of the year also need capital letters.


1. we can help planet earth if we do not litter.

2. on monday the bin men collect the rubbish.

3. recycle and be kind to god's planet.


Lesson 2:

Can you use a question mark correctly? Asking questions can be a really good way to persuade someone. How could we use questions to persuade someone to not litter?

Worksheet: Can you cut up the sentences, mix them up and put them in the correct order again?

Can you think of your own persuasive sentences about littering?


Lesson 3: 

Can you design your poster about littering? Remember to include a title, clear pictures and persuasive phrases and questions.