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8th November


Lesson 1

LO To identify common features in a text

Text type - play script


I can identify the features of play scripts


I can identify and label several features of play scripts

I can independently identify the features of play scripts and explain their purpose within the writing


Look at playscript examples – highlight and discuss key features

  • Scene no and description
  • Character name
  • Speech – no speech marks
  • Stage directions in brackets
  • Adverbs / adjectives


Lesson 2

LO To use setting to set the mood and tone of my writing


I can use my senses to describe a place


I can use a range of techniques to describe setting and character


I can use appropriate and interesting figurative language



Describe the place and the characters where the play script will be set.

Use a range of techniques to describe

  • Senses
  • Personification
  • Similes
  • Metaphors



Lesson 3


LO To show interaction between characters with speech


I can show a conversation between characters


I can show character interaction with detail and some excitement

I can use action to take on board other points of view and use this to move the plot on

Task: Write scene from Gunpowder Plot



Lesson 4

 Use semi-colons, colons or dashes to mark boundaries between independent clauses




Literacy - example of Playscript



Confirmation Homework- Research the life of your chosen saint. Remember that the saint must be a Catholic saint.