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Monday: Inverted commas (speech marks)

Task: complete the sheet where you need to put the punctuation in the correct place. Then fill in the speech bubbles and write the dialogue underneath using inverted commas and other punctuation. Remember, all speech should start with a capital letter:

e.g- The policeman shouted “Stop!”



Some dragons have just invaded the village! What might these two characters be saying to each other? Write the dialogue in the speech bubbles.


Tuesday: Adverbial phrases

Adverbial phrases tell us when, where or how something happened.

Task 1:

Task 2: Complete the sentence using some interesting adverbial phrases of your own (I have put some ideas below):


The dragon flew


Swiftly across the ………..

Underneath the ………….

Across the …………..

As fast as a …………….

Challenge: Can you think of your own sentences about dragons that include adverbial phrases? Remember an adverbial phrase can go at the beginning or at the end of a sentence.

Wednesday: Plan your story

Task: Fill in the planning sheet below to plan your adventure/mystery story about dragons (including the dragon you described last week.) Remember this is just a plan and you can change your mind. Think of a clear beginning, middle and end.

Thursday: Write your story

Task: Use your plan to write your adventure/mystery story about dragons. Remember to include:

  • Lots of adjectives
  • Adverbial phrases
  • Speech between some characters (inverted commas)
  • A range of punctuation . , ! ? … (   )
  • Exciting verbs: swarmed, crashed, blazed

Friday: Edit your story

Task: Can you use the tick list above to see if you included all of these things in your story? Now read your story aloud to yourself or someone in your family, ask them what they think and how it could be better so you can edit (improve it.)

Think about:

Did I spell all of my words correctly?- Use a dictionary to check

Have I remembered all capital letters and punctuation?

Have I used some exciting vocabulary?

Does my story make sense and have a clear beginning, middle and end?

I would love to read your stories so once they are finished ask a grown up to send me a picture!