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LO: That the freedom to choose is a gift from God and our choices affect ourselves and others.

Reflect with the children on some of the things that Jesus chose to do for other people.  Hear the story of the healing of the blind man (see below). How did that choice help the man who was blind? Why did Jesus do it? (To show how powerful God is) Recall previous learning about Jesus being the Light of the World – he shows us the way to help others.


Activity: Helping Hands – take a look at the ‘Good Shepherd Appeal’ or CAFOD websites. Look at who and how these charities help others. Discuss how Jesus helped others and how we can be helpful. Draw around your hand and write the names of the people you will help on each of the fingers during Lent and draw a picture in your palm of how you can help.

Topic 1 - Computing

LO: I can use paint on JIT5


See notes on 'how to use paint JIT5' using your child's BGFL login. (BGFL logins have been sent home but if you require this again please email


Introduce the children to Paint in JiT5 – show children how to change between the fill tool and a paint brush. Show how to select additional colours and textures.

Activity ideas:  

   Draw a symmetrical butterfly pictures using the paint brush

   Look in the pictures folder and colour the rainbow using the fill tool

Topic 2

LO: to know that different places look different around the UK


if you have been on holiday with your child in the UK, talk about where you have been. Did it look the same as home? What was the same? What was different? Think about natural features of locations in the UK e.g. beach, countryside, lakes, mountains, forests and look at these places using google. What differences do children see? Where would they like to go? Why?  Discuss man made features e.g. shops, houses, theme parks etc.  Look at different villages, towns and cities and discuss similarities and differences.


Go on a virtual tour of the UK - print or draw pictures of different places and create a collage.  Discuss how we might travel to these places.