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English First Reconciliation

English Version of Child's First Reconciliation

Week Beginning 23rdMarch

The children will need to look at pictures of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and watch a child receiving the sacrament. Discuss what is happening and how the people might be feeling.


Then revise the definition for a Sacrament - Jesus touches our lives through the sacraments. Our celebrations of the sacraments are signs of Jesus’ presence in our lives and a means for receiving his grace.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is the special moment when we celebrate God’s forgiveness. 


Through Penance we receive God’s forgiveness. Forgiveness requires being sorry for our sins. In Penance we receive Jesus’ healing grace through absolution by the priest. The signs of this sacrament are our confession of sins and the words of absolution.


Discuss how it is God who is forgiving sins not the priest.



Children  to write a prayer asking for forgiveness, thinking carefully about how to start their prayer and what they are truly sorry for.  Please record prayers in the work book sent home.