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Mrs Lavery

Dear Parents,


Welcome to Our Lady’s School.


I, Mrs Lavery am the Pastoral Manager and Deputy Designated Senior Lead at Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School.


My role within our school is to support both children and their parents/carers with any concerns regarding their overall wellbeing and mental health.


Since the beginning of these unprecedented times with Covid-19, we have supported families experiencing all manner of concerns. Key Workers and vulnerable children have attended Our Lady’s School throughout lockdown, which has supported their learning in a familiar environment and enabled them to see familiar faces of staff. We have been able to ensure they are all cared for and nurtured as part of the family of our school.


Within my role as Pastoral Manager, I work alongside Children’s Services, Social Workers, Early Help and Family Support teams. I assist families and external agencies to promote positive outcomes for families experiencing adversity within the family structure.


All support extended to families is carried out in a sympathetic and confidential manner to enable families to become empowered and overcome their difficulties whilst keeping the child central to a positive outcome.

If any family are at present engaging with services, could you please let me know by contacting the school office on 0121 464 4459 for a confidential conversation as soon as possible so that we can work together.


Additionally, we have our Rainbows Bereavement Group, which offers emotional comfort to children suffering loss or separation anxiety. Also, Malachi Counselling is used in a reassuring, understanding way to help children through their troubles or distress in difficult circumstances.


School attendance and punctuality is very important to set all of our children into a good routine and structure for each day.


I look forward to meeting all the new children and families who will be joining us in September 2020 and would like you to know I am here to offer my welcome and support to each and every one of you.


Kindest Regards,


Mrs Lavery